Find out the latest news from international oncology congresses and stay at the forefront of clinical innovation and advances in lung cancer research. Each SPECIAL ISSUE – CONGRESS REPORT features informative summaries of key topics from lung cancer to come out of a major international oncology congress.

The memo inOncology Medical education series: keeping oncologists at the forefront of lung cancer research. memo – inOncology Special Issue Preceptorship reports summarise the latest in lung cancer research and treatments to come out of our sponsored Preceptorship meeting series. The Fundamentals of Designing Clinical Trials series arms oncologists with the information they need to plan and conduct an oncology trial.


Herbert Loong on peculiarities of lung cancer research with a focus on phase I studies.

Preceptorship Singapore

Basics of leadership in clinical research with a focus on lung cancer

Young Oncologist Preceptorship, 8th–10th December, 2017, Singapore

memo – inOncology SPECIAL ISSUE
WCLC Congress report 2018
The latest findings in lung cancer to come out of the WCLC this year!

Now available!


Springer is delighted to announce a new memo inOncology SPECIAL ISSUE congress report from this years WCLC!

Congress Report ASCO 2018
memo – inOncology SPECIAL ISSUE
Congress Report WCLC 2018 
This report includes the latest advancements for the treatment of lung cancer, such as the use of novel PD-L1 inhibitors, real-world experience and clinical trial insights of  anti-EGFR treatment, emerging standards in tumours with rare genetic drivers, as well as new data on a recent lung cancer screening project – the NELSON trial. One particular highlight of this report is an exclusive interview with Herbert Ho Fung Loong on modern agents and how they enable dramatic responses even in phase I trials.



Springer memo Preceptorship Cologne CoverPreceptorship Shanghai – Modern Management of Advanced Lung Cancer:
Immunotherapy & Targeted Agents
Springer and the Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital held the Lung Cancer International Preceptorship on the 28th-29th June 2018, in Shanghai, China. The overall topic was the modern management of advanced lung cancer: Immunotherapy & Targeted Agents

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Expert interviews at WCLC 2018


Herbert Loong on peculiarities of lung cancer research with a focus on phase I studies.

James Ho talks about novel diagnostic approaches, monitoring of lung cancer patients as well as the potential for the use of antioxidants in lung cancer.

Maximilian Hochmair on the future of combinations of immunotherapies with other drugs as well as his recommendations for treatment sequencing in ALK-positive and EGFR-positive lung cancer.

Vera Hirsh discusses the latest clinical achievements using EGFR-targeted therapy in patients with advanced NSCLC and the role of patient quality of life.