Preface – Preceptorship Vienna 2016

Robert Priker
Robert Pirker, MD, Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Dear colleagues,

This publication summarises content that was presented at the Lung Cancer International Preceptorship conference that took place in Vienna, Austria, on 20th and 21st June, 2016. The Medical University of Vienna and the Com­prehensive Cancer Center Vienna jointly organised this conference, which was addressed to medical oncologists involved in the care of patients with lung cancer. Twenty-five spe­cialists from nine European countries participated in 10 interactive sessions, and shared their experience in the course of discussions evolving around recent scientific findings that were presented by a multidisciplinary panel of experts.
The lectures initially focused on diagnostic aspects, such as pathology, liquid biopsy, and staging. Another topic of great importance was screening and early detection of lung cancer. Last but not least, aspects of treatment received broad attention and are summarised in this publication. Clinical research has provided us with a range of modern therapies necessitating algorithms that support physicians in the making of treatment decisions. We hope that both the Preceptorship and these summaries will provide doctors with a better understanding of lung cancer.

Robert Pirker, MD, Medical University of Vienna, Austria

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