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iwCLL 2023 Boston

Lecture Board: Nitin Jain, MD; Nadine Kutsch, MD; Kiyomi Mashima, MD, PhD; William F. Mawalla, MD; Constantine Tam, MD; Rachel Thijssen, PhD; Adrian Wiestner, MD, PhD
Publishing Editor: Anna Fenzl, PhD
Medical Writer for this issue: Judith Moser, MD


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iwCLL 2023

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Lydia Scarfò describes prophylactic and therapeutic measures against SARS-CoV-2 in patients with CLL, potential risk factors for mortality, seroconversion in response to vaccination and areas of research and unmet need regarding prevention and treatment of COVID-19 infections in patients with CLL and hematologic malignancies in general. Finally, she gives insights into the clinical implications of XPO1 mutations in CLL patients.

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