ESMO 2018

Expert interviews at ESMO


Dr. Sanjay Popat talks about modern chemotherapeutic treatment options for patients with squamous NSCLC, the benefits of combining immunotherapies with chemotherapy and the use of liquid biopsy for metastatic NSCLC in clinical practice today.

Dr. Luis Paz-Ares explains new principles of treatment using bifunctional fusion proteins, their advantages compared to the existing therapies and preliminary results in NSCLC patients.

ESMO 2017


Congress Report ESMO 2017

Highlights include the latest clinical trial results for the PD-L1 inhibitors atezolizumab and durvalumab, new data for the PD-1 inhibitor nivolumab and the toll-like receptor 9 agonist lefitolimod; a discussion of the optimal succession of targeted agents across several treatment lines for both EGFR and ALK positive disease; positive data for combined dabrafenib/trametinib therapy for BRAF-positive lung cancer patients; and lots more besides.



Expert interviews at ESMO


Hossein Borghaei discusses the latest immunotherapeutic treatment options to emerge for lung cancer at the 2017 ESMO congress.

Nicolas Girard on the sequencing of targeted agents against EGFR positive NSCLC, and further considerations for treatment of the disease including side effects and possible combination therapies.

Lecia Sequist on how best to treat oncogene-driven oligometastatic lung cancer, given progression through multiple lines of treatment.

Filippo de Marinis on the latest data from the OAK trial studying the PD-L1 antibody atezolizumab that was presented at the 2017 ESMO congress, including efficacy within particular patient subgroups, and tolerability.


ESMO 2016 Copenhagen




Expert interviews at ESMO

Enriqueta Felip on the treatment of RET- and ROS1-rearrangement positive lung cancer.

Martin Reck discusses the management of immunotherapy related adverse events.

Pasi A. Jänne talks chemotherapy, biomarkers, and molecular targeted therapies.

Anders Mellemgaard on anti-angiogenesis treatments